Copper & Brass Recycling

Drop by one of our 7 Mississippi scrap metal recycling locations near you today and make the most out of your copper recyclables.  Got more than copper items? We also purchase stainless steel, iron, aluminum cans, brass along with most metal products.

Brass is most typically used in faucets, water vales, meters, plumbing fittings and many decorative pieces found around the home. Our recycling locations make it easy to recycle brass and will purchase brass materials from sources including wires, pipes, plumbing and other demolition materials.

Such items include:

  • Clean copper tubing and solids
  • Brass plumbing items
  • Scrap lead
  • Auto radiators
  • Aluminum/Copper condensers
  • Insulated Wire
  • Motor and Copper bearing material

See a full list of our scrap metal recycling services offered.