Tri-Miss Services Inc.
Designed by  Darryl Ogle
Tri-Miss Services is a scrap metal recycling company headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi. We operate 11 recycling facilities across the Interstate 20 corridor in Mississippi collecting and preparing all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling.

Tri-Miss takes pride helping individuals, local business and communities to improve the availability of opportunities for recycling.
For our business customers we provide convenient roll off containers services, boxes, or baskets to meet the particular requirements for their operation.

Please call us with any of your recycling needs at our headquarters in Jackson, MS. Our phone number is 601.352.5027. We look forward to hearing from you.
We now recycle clean, dry, wearable clothing in bags. This includes but not limited to yard sale leftovers, rummage sale items, estate removals, fund raisers for schools and not for profit organizations.

We are offering a unique opportunity to have supporters deliver items to any of our 11 Tri-Miss Recycling facilities for acceptance to your account. The donations are turned into cash each month for the organization.